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Fushigi/KKJeanne/Zettai Kareshi

Oh well, I'm back obsessing over Fushigi Yuugi after a brief respite, after overindulging myself on the manga. So, some more icons! Plus, two Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne manga ones (that I colour shaded and EVERYTHING) and Zettai Kareshi manga ones (which I edited text out of rather sloppily, I admit).

Nevermind. Onwards!




(On both icons, the text is straight from the scene... I'm not that inventive, obviously.)

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I love the KKJ ones! I stole both of them for future use, and will credit! ^^
Thank you ^^ I had great fun doing those two! I tend to shy away from using b&w manga images for icons, cos they're not as clear, so I couldn't help shading a tiny bit!

Deleted comment

Thank you! May have to make more KKJ manga icons.
0.0 FUSHIGI YUUGI! ::steals all, sticks into menstrualmiko folder::
Wow. What scene are 12 and 13 from in the manga? ::has not read the manga::
And since I'm silly, where is the animation in 2 from? o.0 I really should know as I've seen the entire series (minus OAVs). ::dances:: Thankyouthankyou!!
Y'know what, disregard that first question. ::realizes I am, indeed, a silly fool:: ^_~
Sorreh! XD
Heehee, my fault for putting the series divisions as cuts.

And the animation from #2 is from... *looks around shiftily* the end.
Well, that proves it! I have to completely re-watch my Season 2 DVDs!! XD Thanks a lot. ^_
Heh, as long as you don't watch the 3 OAVs (scum of the Earth!).
Oh, really? I shall avoid them then. XD
Although I heard the funny bus scenes were amusing parodies, lol.
...Okay, I concur. They are damn funny.

"Hey Nakago! Tamahome wants to know if you've received ANY fanmail?"
Then there's the whole pointy nail thing... it's very funny.

And OAV2 of course, has 'Mysterious Playing Around!' where they do stupid parodies of scenes that were in the previous episode. Like Tamahome/Taka rushing to catch Miaka falling from a balcony, then clinging to the railings and sc reamin: "I'm scared!"

Not as funny as the bus ones, no.
Wow, lol. Those do sound funny! I just heard about the scene where Tamahome and Miaka are sitting on a bus and keep repeating each others' names. ::dies:: I mean...the first time I watched the show, I forgot most of the characters' names by the next day...but not theirs!! ::dies again::
Yeah, that's the best bit! Nuriko is singing, and gloating that his character song was the most popular single in Japan. Chichiri and Tasuki grumble that they'll knock him out with their next singles. Then Mitsukake pops up and gruffs: "I'm gonna release three more singles!" Then he, er, gets pissed off that the others look disturbed and starts beating on them. Aaaand then, Chiriko gets motion sick, so everyone's running around panicked --

and there on the back seat sit Miaka and Tamahome, surrounded by coloured floating bubbles. "Miaka!" "Tamahome!" "Miaka!" "Tamahome!"

::dies:: Indeed. You are so my hero!! XD
took the hold me tighter fy and the second of the kkjeane icons. where can i get ahold of that anime/manga? it looks really interesting!
I adore Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne! The manga has just been liscenced, but I downloaded the batch of scanlations ages ago from BoxTorrents - if you hurry you can get it before they take it down. It comes with scans from the beautiful artbook as well. As for the anime, it's 40 episodes long and takes quite a different path to the manga, after a time. It's still a good watch though (although inferior to the manga, in my opinion) and I found the individual episodes linked for download at animesuki.com. BitTorrent is needed for all downloads! Hope I was helpful and that you enjoy the series!
Taken # 13 will credit in keywords. May I say I love your icons!
Heehee, of course you may! Enjoy!
please, please make more zettai kareshi icons!! love it!